• Hoops Unlimited 5-on-5 Men's Basketball

    Hoops Unlimited has been serving Southern California with well organized and competitive men's basketball leagues for over 25 years!
  • Largest League In Orange County

    Hoops Unlimited runs 4 seasons throughout the year.
  • Serving Southern California

    Hoops Unlimited consist of teams from Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.
  • The Best League Around

    "Without a doubt the best basketball league for both serious and casual players. Our team has played in various leagues and none of them compare to the organization, competition, and structure of Hoops Unlimited."
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Hoops Unlimited 2019 Spring League Playoff Champions

  • Craptastic Thursday's 6'1D3

    Craptastic Thursday's 6'1D3

  • Kryptonite Sunday's 6'1C2

    Kryptonite Sunday's 6'1C2

  • Warriors Sunday's 6'1D2

    Warriors Sunday's 6'1D2

  • Undersized Sunday's 6'1C1

    Undersized Sunday's 6'1C1

  • Google Me Monday's 6'5C-

    Google Me Monday's 6'5C-

  • The Refs Wednesday's 6'1D1

    The Refs Wednesday's 6'1D1

  • Another Level Monday's 6'5D1

    Another Level Monday's 6'5D1

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